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DT Systems Super Pro Dummy  Launcher

DT Systems Super Pro Dummy Launcher

  • Brand: DT Systems
  • Product Code: 88104
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $90.00

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DT Systems Super Pro™ Dummy Launcher with No Dummy

The DT Systems Super-Pro™ Dummy Launcher is an excellent tool to help teach and reinforce the hunting situation of the sound of a "bang" with the "marking" of a
bird in the sky. Great for long and short retrieves by adjusting the flight angle and the strength of the .22 caliber blank launching load.

The launcher's solid aluminum frame construction means no lost training time  from broken plastic components like on other brands.

Our launcher is easy to use clean and maintain. Hunting season is very short and  repetition is very important in the training process. With the DT Systems  Super-Pro™
Dummy Launcher you can train with your dog every day to make them the best that  they can be.


  • Dual ported stainless steel barrel increasing distance and reduces recoil
  • Shell ejector
  • Rugged Solid Aluminum Frame Construction
  • Cast Aluminum to prevent Rusting
  • Durable Stainless Steel Launcher Barrel
  • Full Grip Aluminum Locking Lever for Safety
  • Extra Strong Aluminum Hinge System
  • Convenient Built-In Shell Extractor
  • Thick, Dense, Shock Absorbing Recoil Pad
  • Wide Nylon Comfort Grip Handle Sleeve
  • Self-Contained Firing Pin Mechanism for Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

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