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DT Systems Dealer

Authorized Dealer for DT Systems Remote Trainers and Bird Launchers

Trophy Time Gun Dogs is an authorized dealer for DT Systems. We are central Illinois largest supplier for DT Systems. The DT Systems remote trainers (e-collar, electronic collars, shock collars) provide some key benefits which we feel make their products outstanding.

DT Systems' exclusive Positive Vibration™ feature has taken the dog training industry by storm, offering a positive and humane alternative to electronic stimulation. With proper training techniques, Positive Vibration™ can be used to classically condition your dog and may eliminate the need for electronic stimulation. It's the perfect choice for handlers who are not comfortable using electronic stimulation.

When shopping for a training collar, look closely, not all antennas are created equal. DT Systems is proud to offer its MAXX-Range™ Internal Antenna System, the industry's only internally woven collar antenna. By incorporating a digital micro processing chip in each collar, it allows the MAXX-Range™ Internal Antenna System to use a clearer, stronger and more penetrating FM signal which conforms to the terrain. Weaker straight-line AM antenna signals, found on other brands, are easily blocked by obstacles and terrain, minimizing range and effectiveness. Ultimately, the MAXX-Range™ Internal Antenna System allows users to enjoy an extended range beyond that of the old fashioned external antenna, yet gain the added safety from dangerous snags and hang-ups often caused by these same external antennas.




DT Systems' advanced digital technology has also lead to the NEW Gentle Touch Stimulation ™ (GTS) system offered on select D.T. Systems' collars. The GTS™ feature allows the collar to be preprogrammed at extremely low level settings. Stimulation can then be increased in very small increments, allowing users to pinpoint the most effective level of stimulation for their training situation. And from the beginner to the pro, it's a proven fact that low level stimulation is the most effective method of training available today and with the NEW GTS™ system from DT Systems, you can rest assured you'll be in complete control of your dog AND your collar.