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Delivery Information

Shipping Dog Boxes

We carry some dog boxes in our inventory as a authorized Owens Distributor. However, many dog boxes are built to order at Owens Products Inc, the manufacturer, and are shipped out in approximately 15-20 business days from the date the order is placed. Add another 2 to 5 business days for delivery based on the shipping zone. The average shipping weight of a dog box or truck tool box is approximately 100lbs. The DIY dog boxes run about $45 to ship.

Keep in mind that some models are build to order and shipped after manufacturing, as those models are not as popular as others, but you will get the model you order.

Shipping charges are different for Commercial Address Delivery versus Residential Address Delivery. If at all possible you can save money by having your dog box or truck tool box delivered to a Commercial(or Business) Address.

To Identify and estimate shipping costs, you can identify your Shipping Zone in the table below and from that determined the estimated freight shipping charges that will be added to your order for delivery to a commercial address (a business or local receiving dock). Shipping costs range from $200 to $275 depending on the state where the dog box will be shipped.

We offer three types of delivery they are:

  • Terminal Pickup -- the customer pickups from the shipper. Typically your lowest cost option.
  • Commercial Delivery -- locations where truck delivery is feasible and unloading area permitting
  • Residential Delivery -- direct to your residential home.

Note: Actual Freight Shipping charges and shipping weight are calculated at time of checkout and may fluctuate with carrier costs. We offer a shipping cost calculator to estimate shipping in the store Alternatively, If you want the exact shipping cost call us or request a shipping quote. We only ship to the USA.